CORE VALUES offer guidance and bring clarity to the things that matter most at Grace Park Church. They guide how we achieve our mission, influencing major leadership decisions as well as everyday ministry plans. Our core values keep us focused on the unique calling God has given us as a new church.


We Value Biblical Authority. We believe God has spoken and continues to speak to us through the Holy Scriptures. That said, the Bible is our ultimate authority and life manual.

We Value Intimacy with God. We believe God desires an intimate relationship with every believer. Through prayer, meditation, worship, and the study of Scripture, we are able to pursue and achieve intimacy with the Father.

We Value Intentional Discipleship. We believe that every believer is responsible for passing along to others the knowledge, skills, and opportunities for service that Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, has graciously entrusted to them.

We Value Authentic Community. We believe accountability, care, and a sense of belonging are critical to balance and progress in our spiritual journey. These three things are best achieved within the context of LifeGroups, which are our small groups of like-minded, relationally connected believers.

We Value Relational Evangelism. We believe that all believers have the responsibility of carrying out the Great Commission in their sphere of influence.

We Value Strategic Service. As gifted members of the body of Jesus Christ, each believer is responsible for exercising his or her gifts in tandem with other members of the body. It is not enough to identify and exercise spiritual gifts individually. Maximum impact is contingent upon a coordinated, strategic exercise of gifts in the body.

We Value Relevant Environments. We believe our role is to create environments that are conducive to the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of people. A relevant environment combined with competent leadership will allow us to connect and go deep with our community.